Feature Your Brand and Nomination with a Premium Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards to promote your brand, prominently feature your award entry, and attract more likes.

Here are the premium sponsorship package details:

  • Award winners can request a beautiful award plaque, shipped by mail, to showcase the award win
  • Highlight one key nomination / submission on the award homepage
  • Create up to three new, custom award categories for your nominations (thereby significantly increasing your odds of an award win)
  • Add up to 10 award submissions (no extra fee for the individual nominations)
  • Display your company logo on the homepage sidebar (linked to your website for SEO impact)
  • Feature your brand on the nomination submission page (sidebar)
  • Benefit from better rankings of your website from the SEO impact of linking back to your website
  • Social media promotion of your nomination(s) and award win(s)
  • Extend your nomination deadline (for late submissions after the standard deadline)
  • Receive 10% discount as a first time client on any Cybersecurity Insiders marketing programs
  • Receive premium, 24-hour response, full-service support for any changes, questions or technical issues regarding your nominations

Award sponsorship package = $1,900 

NEXT STEP: Please send your sponsorship request to info@cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com – complete with your company logo file (jpg or png), URL to your website (link will be placed on your logo), and the link to your existing award nomination that you would like to highlight (only one nomination per sponsor can be featured at the top of the homepage).

We will send you an invoice (payable via credit card, PayPal or ACH) and will post your sponsorship logo, link and featured nomination to the website after receipt of payment.

Thank  you!

Your Cybersecurity Excellence Awards team

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